Day 11 - Christmas Creek Market, watercolor 5X7, ©2011 Nikki Kinne

Welcome to day eleven in the 33 Paintings in 33 Days Project of Alaskan artist  Nikki Kinne and Wisconsin artist Helen Klebesadel.

“What if what is being asked of me is really this simple?”

Nikki started the above painting at the market in Christmas Creek, Alaska, hence its title.  In creating this artwork Nikki  allowed herself to relax and just following where the brush flowed.  She says “The 33 in 33 are giving me the freedom to just show up and paint. ”

Nature Rising, watercolor, 9x10, ©2011 Helen Klebesadel

My eleventh watercolor revisits and idea I’ve tried before.  It is an attempt to capture how I often see all of nature represented in a crow’s flight.  For me they embody the forest, the wind, and the the grace of the wild, even as they adapt to what ever circumstances they find themselves in.

Many of my daily works for this project available for sale online in my Meylah shop here:​besadel  I post them each day after they are posted in the blog.

Thank you for joining us on our shared journey of discovery!