Wyoming Valley School Cultural Center

Join us for Art Workshops at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Wyoming Valley School Cultural Center outside of Spring Green, Wisconsin

I am deep in planning a series of summer workshops at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Wyoming Valley School Cultural Center near Spring Green, Wisconsin for summer 2012.  Below are the workshops that I,  Liese Pfeifer, Subanna Nur (Bev Gordon), Marian Farrior and Jo Dusick will be offering at the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Center.

Located between Spring Green and Dodgeville, Wisconsin it is near such wonderful cultural opportunities as the American Players Theater, Frank Lloyd Wright Hillside Studio and Theater, and the  The House on the Rock.

The school is itself a wonderful place to create and learn.  I was delighted to be able to offer two workshops there last year during the  first summer open to the public, and can’t wait to be back this summer.   Thanks to the work of the Cultural Centers volunteer Board we now have access to an architectural gem by one of our for most American Architect who made his home and school nearby.

The  Wyoming Valley School is an art piece in an of itself.  Built in 1957, the school was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who donated his design (and 2 acres of land) to the Wyoming School District in honor of his mother, Anna Lloyd-Jones Wright.  She had been a kindergarten teacher and taught him his lifelong love of learning.  The school opened in 1958 with 46 students in grades 1 through 8.

This was my grade school for first through sixth grade.  I was one of the local children who  started the first grade there in 1959.  (Our family farm was about a mile away).  There were two classrooms and a gym/cafeteria.  There were also three grades in each school room with 4-8 students in a class.  Each room full of student were taught by one teacher who would work on lessons with one class while the rest of us did our homework and studies our lessons.

When attending a two classroom school, if you were precocious or slow in a subject you could join in the lessons of the class that was working at your level.  We has a floor to ceiling cupboard that was our library and I received an award for reading all the books in the library.  An art teacher (Mrs. Polly Hocking) came to teach us once a week.  In that school I learned to love learning and I learned to love art.

The River Valley School district used the building until the school closed for good in 1990.  In August of 2010 the school was given to the not-for-profit Wyoming Valley School, Inc., by Jeff Jacobsen in recognition of his admiration for Wright.  We who are able to use the school again are delighted and thank the volunteers are making it possible for the community to use the school and enjoy Frank Lloyd Wright’s wonderful architecture.

The Wyoming Valley School  is currently hosting Wednesday Night Gatherings for artists and writers from Southwestern Wisconsin  from  6:30 to 8:30 PM.  Join them! .  If you would like to donate to support the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Center go here.

So, come and join my friends and I this summer  at the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Center for lessons in Art, Nature, and Creativity!  Check out fees and register here.

Sunset Hill, 14 x 19 1/2, watercolor, ©2011 Helen Klebesadel

Watercolor: A Fresh Start with Helen Klebesadel, June 29-July 1, 2012 (2.5 days).  Schedule: Friday afternoon (4-8), all day Saturday (10-4), and Sunday (10-4).

Watercolor: A Fresh Start is a beginning or refresher workshop, but more experienced artists welcome.  This watercolor weekend is designed for absolute beginners as well as for those who have had some experience painting with watercolor but need a refresher to start again. Plan on enjoying this opportunity to learn or re-learn watercolor from an artist passionate about the medium. Workshop participants will explore basic traditional approaches to watercolor painting as well as fresh and experimental watercolor techniques. The goal is to send participants home with the skills and tools to keep on painting. A list of recommended places for lodging and meals will be provided.  Plan to bring a sack lunch daily.  Workshop limited to 15.

Give Meaning and Memory through Mixed Media I & II, with Liese Pfeifer.  June 29-July 1, 2012 and/or August 17-19, 2012.  Both workshops (2.5 days), Schedule: Friday afternoon (4-8), all day Saturday (10-4), and Sunday (10-4).

Take the total Workshop or register for each day separately (below). This course progresses through three parts (separate register possible) for beginner creative soul or experienced artist. Each class has guided exercises. Using play and intuition as a creative source is encouraged and some formal elements are taught

Introducing Liese Pfeifer.  Liese  believes art enhances our living in this world and the process of creating nurtures our self. As a consultant with Integrated Art Group she builds diverse art collections for corporate and healthcare clients. She is Curator of the Design Gallery in the School of Human Ecology at UW where she is working towards a grand reopening this fall. Pfeifer’s art, like her teaching, encourages a spiritual connection through self acceptance in art play. She maintains an environmentalist ethic in her living.Whole Workshop (See daily descriptions below)

Workshop 1A: Perception and Intention in Art  with Liese Pfeifer.  June 29, 2012, Friday Only 4:00-8:00 PM.  Explore the difference between how our work is perceived and what we intended. What choices do we have in execution that will help our intention. Brush up on design basics that inform your ability to create impelling compositions.  This eye opening workshop will be both lecture and experiential. Materials provided or bring your favorite sketchbook.

Workshop 1B:  Found Object Dilemma/Breaking the Rut with Liese Pfeifer.  June  30, 2012, Saturday Only, 10:00-4:00.  How to bring chaos into harmony; Use a variety of recycled materials to create something new. Technical workshop about connecting objects using adhesives, binding, joining and fastening. Emphasis will be on playing as a means to creation. Bring your collection of found objects, some will be provided. Bring sack lunch.

Workshop 1C: Mixed media collage as purveyors of meaning, with Liese Pfeifer.  July 1, 2012, Sunday only: 10am-4pm.  Create a mixed media sculpture or work with collage elements on a board using a personal collectable as focal point.  Discover what arises from combining seemingly random images. Bring found objects, favorite pictures, or  favorite fabric. Supporting materials provided.

Introduction to SoulCollage®: Intuition Through Imagery with Subanna Nur (Beverly Gordon).  July 15 2012, Sunday 10:00-4:00.  SoulCollage®  is an exciting and powerful process of working with visual images (cutting and pasting from printed photos–no particular skill, artistic ability or experience needed) and then using the cards to access information from your own inner guidance—your intuition and personal imagery. (You make cards that function as a personal  “deck” that can be used like tarot cards or other tools for individual exploration.) The card-making is satisfying and fun–and a discovery in itself—but it’s only the first part; then you learn to do “readings,” to learn what the cards you have made have to tell you. This seemingly almost magical process brings forth an even deeper level of wisdom.At this workshop you will experience both card-making and the interpretation/reading process. You will learn how SoulCollage®  cards can be used and ways you can go further on your own. All materials will be provided.  Bring a sack lunch.  Workshop limited to 10.

Introducing Subanna Nur (Beverly Gordon):  Subanna is an artist, writer, and recently retired Design Studies (UW-Madison)professor who has been working with visual images, found and natural objects, spiritual practice and personal growth for nearly 40 years. (SoulCollage® brings all of this together

Patterns In Nature Workshop with Marian Farrior and Amy Jo DusickMonday, July 16, 2012, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Learn about the fascinating world of patterns in nature. Topics include the interplay of form and function, the math and geometry of specific patterns, the science and art of the pattern, how these patterns can be applied in garden designs, and how these patterns might influence our lives. We will practice our observation skills outdoors, do some reflective practices, and use patterns to design creative projects. Dress for indoor and outdoor activities. Bring your own lunch and beverage, and pen and paper or journal for taking notes.

Last White Poppy, watercolor, 9×12, ©2011 Helen Klebesadel

Watercolor From the Center with Helen Klebesadel, July 16-20, 2012 (5 days of workshop), Schedule:  10:00-4:00 daily.  Watercolor From the Center is a week-long watercolor workshop to encourage individuals to find or expand their own authentic artist’s voice and subject matter. Designed or advanced beginners through professional artists.  Through a series of guided exercises using mixed media and watercolor participants will take the first steps toward developing a personal iconography in their art making and toward overcoming the internal censors that stop us from moving forward.   This workshop will take a number of creative approaches to learning how to use your own life as a resource in your art. In general the mornings will be used for guided exercises and the afternoons will be open painting sessions with the instructor offering feedback as needed.   The workshop is designed to accommodate experienced and beginning artists who would like to participate in guided projects that will open you up to new directions.  A list of recommended places for lodging and meals will be provided.  Workshop limited to 15

Ocotilla, watercolor, ©2011 Helen Helen R Klebesadel

Watercolor: The Expressive Medium with Helen Klebesadel, August 17-19, 2012 (2.5 days).  Schedule: Friday afternoon (4-8), all day Saturday (10-4), and Sunday (10-4).  Watercolor: The Expressive Medium is a weekend workshop designed for advanced beginners through experienced painters.  Drawing skills are useful but not required, and you do not need previous experience using watercolor to participate. Participants will explore a wide range of traditional and experimental techniques in transparent and opaque watercolors while they explore the possibilities of this expressive painting medium. Whether you enjoy painting from nature or you are ready to explore your own imagination, this course will give you the tools and direction you need to create strong statements in watercolor.   Participants from previous workshops are welcome to repeat this class.  A list of recommended places for lodging and meals will be provided.  Workshop limited to 15

Plan to join us at the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Center this summer!  Contact me with any questions.