Day 5 - Pillowed In Eagle, watercolor on paper 5X7, ©2011 Nikki Kinne

Welcome to day Five in the 33 Paintings in 33 Days Project of Alaskan artist  Nikki Kinne and Wisconsin artist Helen Klebesadel.

Day five was great fun for Nikki.   She again found a piece of paper in her scrap pile with paint from a previous painting that she had considered to be ‘a dead leftover,’    She decided to play with what was already there, leaving herself open to whatever happened as long as it wasn’t in a traditional landscape style. A little uninhibited fun and she has a painting.  The name”Pillowy View” just seems right for this one.

I just have to mention that when I first saw this painting I was reminded of my one time trying out parachuting from a plane.  The landscape as I floated to earth reminded me of a quilt, just like this painting!

Spiral In, Spiral Out, watercolor, 10 x 16, ©2011 Helen Klebesadel

Like Nikki I’m letting myself paint whatever the day brings for this project.  For day five I found myself back to painting dendrites and spirals.  This watercolor is much larger than the first two spirals I painted.  It gave me hours of meditative pleasure.  The painting is organized around mirrored spirals.  I was thinking about the reflective journey into a labyrinth  and out again, representing first the spiraling journey into the self, followed by a journey back out into the world.  One spiral forms the other as my inner journey shapes my experience in the world.

The branches are red and grey.  I guess the red branches can be dogwood for spring emergence or represent the circulatory system of our bodies.  You decide if it means this or something else.  Art is completed by the viewer and the life stories they bring to art when they interpret it.

I am now making my daily works for this project available for sale online in my Meylah shop here:​besadel  I will post them each day after they are posted in the blog.

Thank you for joining us on our shared creative journey.